Situational Mock Draft 2.0-1.0B

Everyone always ask "WHO?" But this mock draft is more about what and why - as we all know it only takes one wrong pick to ruin an entire mock draft.

Many people will try to figure out who will be selected where in the 2021 NFL Draft by releasing numerous mock drafts. This Situational Mock Draft will take a dive into what each team could be thinking with their pick and not so much who they intend to take.

1.  Jaguars: We’ve known this pick since the season ended and Jacksonville was sitting at No. 1. They’ll go QB here and it’s for sure Trevor Lawrence.

2. Jets: The second pick in the 2021 NFL Draft will be a QB and all signs point to Zach Wilson. 

3. 49ers (MIA): Whether you want it to be Fields, Lance or Jones we all know this pick will be a QB. You don’t give up that many first round picks and not take a QB in the draft. 

4. Falcons: The Falcons are still trying to get teams to move up and I love that strategy. If they’re not sold on one of the remaining QBs they should shop this pick until there is one second left on the clock. If they do stay at four I expect Kyle Pitts to be the pick but I wouldn’t bet on the Falcons drafting at No. 4. Look for the Cowboys, Broncos and Patriots to all try to move into this spot. 

5. Bengals: The Bengals would be DUMB to pass on Penei Sewell here but history tells us the Bengals may actually be dumb. So a receiver like JaMarr Chase is definitely in play here. I don’t see any other positions or players really being in play here. 

6. Dolphins (PHI): The Dolphins traded all the way down to 12 and came back up to six. Miami knew they would be able to grab Chase, Smith or Pitts here and even though they are cutting it close they still get their receiver. A sneaky result could be the Dolphins trading back down if Chase and Pitts are both gone. 

7. Lions: Detroit is another team that should be bleeding the clock and waiting for a team (NE, DEN, WFT, CHI) to come up. If no team is willing to trade up the Lions are definitely in the market for a few new receivers or they could pull the trigger on Sewell or Slater – depending who is on the board. 

8. Panthers: Carolina is investing two years into Sam Darnold and it appears they are OUT on QBs. But if for some reason Kyle Pitts is here the Panthers will sprint their card to the commissioner. If Pitts is off the board then Carolina will look at the best available tackle – Sewell or Slater. Protect Darnold and add some weapons later in the draft. 

9. Broncos: Denver was late to the QB buzz because it didn’t look like one would be available at nine. Now it’s trending towards Denver having a choice! I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Broncos move up to four or seven to ensure they get the QB they covet in Fields or Lance. 

10. Cowboys: Dallas has to add playmakers in the secondary but have also been rumored to be in the market for Kyle Pitts. If owner Jerry Jones can move up to four and snag Pitts I think he will. But Cowboys fans are in luck because even at No. 10 you could have your pick of the top defender in this class. All signs point to CB Patrick Surtain if Dallas has pick ten. 

11. Giants: Dave Gettleman loves his linebackers and Micah Parsons is on the board. However, New York also needs receivers and we could see Devonta Smith or Jaylen Waddle available at 11. I have a hard time believing Gettleman will pass up Micah Parsons but he has surprised me before. 

12. Eagles (SF): Philly shocked everyone by trading down to pick 12 and I believe that is because they are eyeing a corner. When the Eagles traded to this spot it seemed as if Jaycee Horn, Patrick Surtain or Caleb Farley would be available at 12. While Farley has fallen due to injury, Horn has risen. I expect the Eagle to select Horn at 12 and help rebuild their defense in round one before looking to the offensive side later. If Philly is targeting a WR or TE it just doesn’t make sense for them to trade down.

13. Chargers: If anyone needs a QBs and WRs drafted in the top 10 it’s the Chargers. I don’t think the Chargers would look to trade up because they have too many needs, but it is something they might want to explore if Sewell or Slater are drafted in the top five. Sitting at 13 may get them one of the top two guys but they should definitely be able to get OT3 in this class. 

14. Vikings: Minnesota has glaring needs at OT, CB and EDGE. With the OT coming off the board in the top 13 picks I see the Vikings going EDGE or CB – if Surtain or Horn are on the board. EDGE prospects Kwity Paye and Jaelen Phillips could be the pick or if Minnesota is feeling ballsy they could trade back and look to add more picks while taking an edge or CB later in the first round. 

15. Patriots: QB is the biggest need and New England should be aggressively trying to get into position to draft Fields or Lance. If Fields is the pick at three NE could be aggressive to get Lance or possibly sit and wait for Mac Jones here at pick 15. If Wild Bill shocks the world and doesn’t take a QB – WR, CB and EDGE could be targeted. 

16. Cardinals: CB is a big need for Arizona and filling the vacancy of Patrick Peterson is going to be damn near impossible. Greg Newsome from Northwestern would be a fine candidate here if Arizona does go CB. Running back is another position of need but with the recent signing of James Connor I don’t believe Arizona will address RB in round one. 

17. Raiders: Vegas needs to fill some more holes on the OL and Teven Jenkins from Oklahoma State could be a day one starter. But is OSU a big enough program for Mayock and Gruden? There aren’t many programs bigger than Notre Dame and linebacker Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah is the alpha dog leader the Raiders have desired. If I were betting I would say JOK at 17. 

18. Dolphins: It’s no secret that I love the way Miami has worked the board so far. At pick 18 Miami is in great position to add to their defense or take another offensive player (RB, WR, RT) to help Tua. Miami might have their choice at EDGE and RB but you have to wonder if they love the value of RB at pick 18. If Miami trades down they could still target RB and collect more future picks. 

19. Washington: If QBs fall I think WFT could try to trade up. Jumping from 19 up to the top 10 would be a big jump but it’s definitely in play. If they stay at 19 and Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah is still available I think JOK could solve two positions of need (LB, S) and make for one of the scariest young defenses in the NFL. OT and CB are two more needs with great value at pick 19. They may not get their future QB but WFT is in a great position to fill a big need. 

20. Bears: The Bears are in a similar situation to Washington. They need a QB but there really isn’t one here. OT and WR are though and the Bears should snag someone to help QB1 Andy Dalton and address QB in round two. 

21. Colts: The Colts need to address the LT spot but the position will most likely be getting thin by pick 21. Could the Colts trade up to get one of the top tackles? Yes, but I doubt it. Or maybe they trade back…

22. Titans: Tennessee has a lot of needs – specifically at WR, RT and CB – but I think they will go with the best player available. Coach Vrabel loves adding to their DL and addressing skill positions later. Much like the 2019 draft I would be surprised if the Titans fell in love with a DL and address WR and corner later.

23. Jets (SEA): The Jets could be in position to take the first running back off the board and Naje Harris and Travis Etienne will be hard to pass up. But this coaching staff is coming from San Francisco so I doubt they value RB in round one of the draft – so maybe they wait until pick 34 to get their RB. EDGE and CB are bigger needs and better value at pick 23. 

24. Steelers: Pittsburgh is in trouble. They have a lot of needs and just eight picks to fill them. I don’t think Pittsburgh will go RB even though Harris and Etienne would be great fits. OT or EDGE is where they should go. There are three to four good centers in this class that will be available in round two. The Steelers have used their last eight first round picks on defensive players and I think the trend continues for nine in 2021. 

25. Jags (Rams): For a team that finished with the worst record Jacksonville doesn’t have many team needs. While they could add a piece to their defense, why not surround your new QB with more targets or protection? Or why not both by taking a TE at pick 25! 

26. Browns: The Browns signed Clowney to a one-year deal but they still need a long term piece opposite of Garrett on the DL. Learning and adjusting to the NFL for a year behind Clowney would be amazing for any EDGE prospect – especially Zaven Collins or Joseph Ossai who have limited experience as pass rushers. 

27. Ravens: Man they better take a WR. The only problem is that there aren’t many big receivers in this class. Terrace Marshall is big and might be the best fit for what Lamar Jackson needs – or the Ravens could look at EDGE, OT or TE, depending on how the board falls. 

28. Saints: Another team with a need at receiver but there may not be any worthy of the 28th pick and the Saints rarely target WR in round one. New Orleans could look to the secondary and the available corners or even safety to replace old and expiring contracts. 

29. Packers: The fan base still wants a receiver so we can mark that off. OT and CB are the more likely pick but also don’t sleep on LB- it won’t be a sexy pick for Green Bay. 

30. Bills: They Bills should address their need at CB if players like Asanti Samuel, Eric Stokes or Tyson Campbell are on the board. I know they also want to add depth at WR but pick 30 may not be the pick to do that. And if you’re not aware yet – this is a very deep EDGE class and the Bills could add more talent to their defensive front. 

31. Chiefs: I want it to be a LT. You want it to be a LT. But are there any good oes left? Could they get a LT in round two? It’s hard to predict what the Chiefs will do but Andy Reid can never have enough offensive talent and it’s clear Kansas City is not expecting Mecole Hardman to be WR2 in 2021. As with the Bills there is also value at corner and EDGE at pick 31. 

32. Bucs: There aren’t many needs in Tompa Bay but there are expiring contracts that will need replaced in 2022. Tampa could look at the DL/EDGE to replace Suh and JPP but are also in a prime spot to address their need for a future QB. I would ask Tommy how long he thinks he’ll be around and what he thinks about taking a young guy under his wing – you don’t want to try to replace Brady now if he plans to play for four or five more years. 

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