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Situational Mock Draft

One wrong pick can ruin a mock draft. So let's look at what could happen and what teams might do in the first 32 picks of the NFL Draft.

All it takes to ruin a mock draft is to have one pick wrong. This “Situational Mock Draft” is a look at what could happen and what positions teams could target in the first round.

  1. Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence. No need to get cute. 
  1. Jets: Weigh your options here. The Jets could go in a ton of different directions but trading back might be the best move. Only reason the Jets should stay in this spot is if they absolutely love a QB or Sewell and I’m not sure if they do. 
  1. Dolphins (from HOU): TRADE!!!! I think this pick might be headed back to Houston for Deshaun Watson but even if that doesn’t happen the Dolphins should be looking to move this pick. Not many receivers are worthy of the No. 3 pick – you can find receiver talent late. If they stay I think it’s for Sewell or Parsons
  1. Falcons: Atlanta can take a chance on a quarterback project here and maybe even sit him behind Ryan for a year. Zach Wilson, Justin Fields and Trey Lance could all benefit from sitting behind a veteran for a year. 
  1. Bengals: You have to address the offensive line here. If Sewell is on the board this is a bigger no-brainer than Trevor Lawrence No. 1. If Sewell is off the board the Bengals could move down or sit and take a look at Reshawn Slater or Christian Darrisaw. 
  1. Eagles: I know the fans in Philly want a receiver here but even the elite receivers in this draft are not a sure thing. Philly should take calls on teams wanting to come up for a quarterback, especially with the Lions picking at seven. The Eagles could get a nice return and get a receiver later – Like the Vikings did in 2020. Sorry Eagles fans.
  1. Lions: I would go quarterback here. Like I mentioned with Atlanta, these young quarterbacks may need some time to grow behind a veteran quarterback. I would also shop Stafford very hard though. Your return for Stafford could drop significantly after 2021. 
  1. Panthers: How much do they love Teddy Bridgewater? I think they know he won’t be playing in Carolina past this contract. Quarterback is definitely in play here but the Panthers could also get their future quarterback some more weapons. Kyle Pitts, Ja’Marr Chase and DeVonta Smith could all three be available here and with Curtis Samuel being a free agent Carolina needs to add playmakers. Starting left tackle Russell Okung is also a free agent and that’s where I would go for the Panthers. The offensive tackles in this class are underrated and Carolina could snag their left tackle of the future and see what the 2022 quarterbacks class looks like, while waiting on receivers until later rounds. 
  1. Broncos: With the change at GM who have to wonder what the future looks like for Drew Lock. Will the new GM want to build around Lock or move on from him? My guess is that they will build around Lock for another year and address corner at this spot. If Patrick Surtain or Caleb Farley are available, like I think they will be, the Broncos have to take one of them. The secondary is a top need and the best way for the Broncos to compete in the AFC West.  
  1. Cowboys: The Cowboys have a surprising amount of holes on their roster. The offensive line is getting old and struggling to stay healthy but they also really need talent in the secondary. If I’m the Cowboys I’m taking the top offensive tackle or corner on my board. This shouldn’t be a hard pick for Dallas. 
  1. Giants: Receiver is a big need for the G-Men but I don’t think it’s necessary at No. 11. The Giants could lose a lot of talent on the defensive line and they may need to make that a top priority in the draft. Leonard Williams and Dalvin Tomlinson could both be leaving via free agency so that is a situation for Giants fans to monitor. And now that Dave Gettleman is coming back you have to think linebacker could be a possibility here. 
  1. 49ers: The 49ers desperately need a new quarterback but it may take trading up to do so. The 49ers have to explore making a move with the teams in the top six to get in front of the Lions and Panthers. If they can’t make a quarterback work San Francisco could take a look at replacing Richard Sherman at corner or adding another outside pass rusher. 
  1. Chargers: This should be an offensive lineman or bust. If they have to move up to ensure they get a tackle they need to. Luckily for LA this is a deep tackle class and they should be able to sit and wait for a Christian Darrisaw type player. If all the offensive line avenues fail for the Chargers they can still add targets for Justin Herbert or look at depth and upside in the secondary. 
  1. Vikings: The Vikings find themselves in a very similar situation to the team drafting in front of them. Minnesota should be looking at offensive line but they also have holes to fill on the defensive line and this is a prime spot for the edge rushers in this class. 
  1. Patriots: I’ve never seen the Patriots and Bill Belichick have to rebuild so this is weird for me. The Patriots roster is so bad that they can go best player available. But they might want to explore trading up for a quarterback because what we saw in 2020 was not good from that position. 
  1. Cardinals: I know it’s sexy to give Arizona an offensive weapon because of Kliff Kingsbury but this defense needs help. When you weigh in what the Cardinals could lose on defense it makes drafting an offensive weapon look stupid. You can never have too much edge rush help and this is the window for the edge rushers in this class but also could be a spot to find you replacement for Patrick Peterson, or at least his heir apparent. 
  1. Raiders: Da Raaaiders went offensive heavy and loaded up on receiver talent in 2020 and now they need to load up on defense in 2021. Again, edge rusher, but also interior defensive line and corner could be first round needs. 
  1. Dolphins: The ideal situation for Miami is that this is the Texans picking in this spot. If it’s not the Texans then get Tua some weapons at either running back or receiver. If the Texans are drafting in this spot they also need to get Tua some help. *wink*
  1. Washington: I love Alex Smith, I love his story, but we all know he isn’t the quarterback of the future. Washington needs to find their guy and could be looking at a Trey Lance, Mac Jones, Kyle Trask right here. This is another team that may need to make a move up to find their guy but quarterback is the glaring need in Washington. 
  1. Bears: Da Bears might have their future quarterback, again? Still? Either way, if they believe in Trubisky they could look at protecting him with an offensive line or going with a receiver since the Bears will have one hell of a time convincing Allen Robinson to stay in Chicago.
  1. Jaguars (Rams): Who are the Jags going to pair with Trevor Lawrence? They have had some misses on the offensive line and could prioritize tackles in this spot. The Jags also could add receiver weapons or a linebacker/safety like Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah. 
  1. Colts: If the Colts can’t land a veteran quarterback they have to use this pick to find one. If they are able to land a veteran quarterback then they could address pass rusher or left tackle, as well as receiver. 
  1. Browns: The Browns are pretty set on offense but have struggled to slow offenses down. Pass rusher is the top priority but if I were the Browns I would take the top defender on my board. Anything that can help slow down Lamar Jackson!
  1. Titans: The Titans are clearly not happy with their pass rush as they have tried to sign every available pass rusher this season. So I believe they will go pass rusher in the first round. Tennessee may be a team that could move up to get a top tier rusher. 
  1. Bucs: Tampa needs a pass rusher too but the position might be running thin by pick 25. Arians could lose receiver Chris Godwin and look to replace him in the draft and at pick 25 I don’t hate the value. 
  1. Ravens: Finding Lamar Jackson a big target on the outside is a big need in Baltimore. If Kyle Pitts is somehow here he is a perfect fit. Can play TE2, slot or even outside. But I don’t think he will be available and Pat Freiermuth isn’t a great fit with Mark Andrews. A receiver like Rashad Bateman might be the next best thing. 
  1. Jets (Seahawks): Best. Player. Available. There are holes everywhere except left tackle. Find the best guy and take him. 
  1. Steelers: The Steelers are going to lose a lot in free agency and James Conner might be one of them. But Najee Harris is an absolutely perfect fit if he falls to Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh could also be looking to replace it’s left tackle, receiver and edge rusher. 
  1. Saints: The Saints are in salary cap hell right now and will also have to find a new quarterback in 2021. They need to use every pick they have and can’t really afford to move up in the draft. Maybe a Mac Jones, Kyle Trask or Desmond Ridder type could be the pick here. If all the quarterback options are gone the Saints could look at linebackers. 
  1. Bills: The Bills have had a meteoric rise this year and are one of the best teams in the league, but they still have holes. The offensive line is a need and also a deep position in this draft. The Bills could target top interior offensive lineman or even target a tackle and move Cody Ford inside for good. Buffalo also could use a receiver to go opposite Stefon Diggs, but I’m not sure if they like receivers in the first round. 
  1. Packers: Aaron Rodgers wanted a receiver in the 2020 draft. Maybe the Pack will give him one in 2021? That’s what I would do for Green Bay. There should still be good receiver talent at No. 31 and receiver is a need, maybe a luxury need, but a need. Green Bay may be able to look for a left tackle of the future here as well but I feel they have to do something to directly help Rodgers. 
  1. Chiefs: Kansas City has super star talent all over the field but they still need a lot of help. The offensive line is the biggest position of need and I would love Kansas City get a guy like Alija Vera-Tucker, but the big guy from USC might not be available here. Trey Smith, Creed Humphries or maybe Landon Dickerson could be in play if Vera-Tucker is gone. Also, don’t count out Big Red on the receiver market. With Sammy Watkins most likely out, someone has to be in. 

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