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folklore ain’t just for the girls

listen to what you love. t swift's newest album is for the boys, too.

For the last week one thing has been pumping through my AirPods while watching film, writing articles and keeping up with the state of the country during a pandemic—Taylor Swift’s new album, folklore.

Yes, I’m a 37 year old man and I’m listening to T Swift on the regular. And here’s why—because life is too short to let other people dictate your choices or happiness. And this album is really good. Like, really fucking good. And yes even alpha male types can enjoy this album.

Your first impression of Taylor Swift might be the old school country tunes like Teardrop on My Guitar or the up-beat, poppy styles of Lover, but her eighth album is arguably her strongest with a laid back, easy listening track list that’s perfect for a moment when most of us are still locked in our homes and don’t want music to dance around in our socks to but rather something contemplative and mellow.

Folks who know me understand that as a writer my musical tastes drift more towards talented writing and not always the most appealing vocals or beats. I’m going to pick Jason Isbell over Luke Bryan or Florida Georgia Line; my favorite rapper of all-time is Tupac; and yes, I’ll get down to some Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift because of their ability to spin stories and interweave lyrics in thought-provoking ways.

folklore does just that with stories (the last great american dynasty) but also introspective pieces (seven, peace, exile) that even macho men can relate to. If you’ve ever had your heartbroken, you can find multiple songs on this album to get into your feelings to.

2020 has been a hard year and the tone of folklore fits that. It’s not quite melancholy, but it’s present. And it’s been ever present in the Mic’d Up offices since it’s drop last Thursday.

So enjoy what you enjoy. Whether that’s a well-done steak, light beer or a Taylor Swift album.

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