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Ranking All 32 NFL Uniforms

The 49ers may have lost the Super Bowl but they are winning the battle of NFL uniforms. Here is a look at ALL 32 teams and how their uniforms rank.

Before everyone gets pissed off at me let’s remember this is an opinion. My opinion. You don’t have to tweet, comment or post to tell me I’m wrong because I literally CANNOT be wrong here. You can have a different opinion—I’m looking at you lovers of the Chargers uniform—but I’m still not wrong.

Looking at the teams complete uniform, home/away/alternative, here are my rankings of the 32 NFL team uniforms. Enjoy!

1 San Francisco 49ers
I love the traditional uniforms and when the Niners went back to their Joe Montana-era uniforms they won the uniform war. The clean simplicity of the 49ers’ uniforms are A1 for me. They realized they made a mistake, Jeff Garcia era uniforms, and corrected their error.

2 Las Vegas Raiders
The Raiders come in at two for very similar reasons as the 49ers. But they never made the mistake of changing their uniforms. In fact, Josh Jacobs is wearing the same scheme as Bo Jackson and Marcus Allen and I love that! The silver-and-black has become synonymous with the Raiders. No matter where they are playing.

3 New Orleans Saints
I’m a sucker for the black-and-gold color palette and the Saints make it look amazing. The all black uniforms are one of my favorites in the league and the helmet has to be a fan favorite for anyone outside of the NFC South. Now they have mixed in a more traditional color rush uniform that sets them over the top and lands them in my top five.

4 Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers uniforms are so clean that the Iowa Hawkeyes saw them and were like yeah lets just do that. The Steelers have three amazing uniforms in the all black, black-and-yellow and white and yellow which are tops in the league. But they have to lose points for the hideous striped throwback uniforms.

5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
As a youth I loved the Tampa uniforms. Mike Alstott, Derrick Brooks and John Lynch are three of the most intimidating players of their era and the uniforms definitely helped. Now the Buccaneers bring the uniforms back at the perfect time. Add Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski to the list of intimidating players that have worn the pirate flag helmets. Now give us the creamsicle uniforms we’ve longed for.

6 Tennessee Titans
When the Titans got rid of the white helmets they made the right move. And for some unexplainable reason the powder blue color is one of the best in sports. Like, seriously. Is there anyone that hates powder blue on a uniform? They’ve also incorporated a badass sword right there on the shoulder.

7 Seattle Seahawks
The Seahawks went BOLD by adding neon green to their uniform and took it to another level with their color rush all-neon uniforms. A revamped helmet logo would definitely help their ranking, but they have had too much success in those helmets to change them now.

8 Los Angeles Chargers
A lot of people would have the Chargers uniforms higher than me but I’m not crazy about the pictures I’ve seen so far. Truth be told, I do like them more everytime I see them. Once the season hits and we see Joey Bosa and Derwin James wearing them in a game, I might join the rest of the herd and put them at the top. For now, they can be happy with a top 10 uniform.

9 Philadelphia Eagles
The Eagles have a clear path to No. 1 and it’s very simple. Kelly. Green. The Eagles still have a great uniform and will mix up their look with three different jersey and pant colors (Green, white, black) while having one of the best helmets in the league.

10 Dallas Cowboys
Tradition strikes again. The Cowboys have one of the most recognizable logos in all of sports and rarely wear anything other than their white jerseys. But by god it works. The one thing that baffles me about the Dallas uniforms is the fact they don’t have matching blues… When and why did they decide their jerseys should be navy and not the true blue of the logo?

11 Baltimore Ravens
I’m old enough to remember thinking the purple-and-black color scheme was dumb. I’m also old enough to admit I was wrong. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed made the purple-and-black look damn good and now the tradition continues with Lamar Jackson and Marlon Humphrey.

12 Cleveland Browns
I have done my fair share of hating on the Cleveland Browns, and I might be alone here but the Browns have awesome uniforms. They don’t even have a logo and it is still beautiful. Somehow they make brown-and-orange look great and ever since Hue Jackson made players earn their stripes, I can’t get over how simple and traditional the helmets are.

13 New York Giants
The Giants offer three uniforms that I really like, especially the color rush all white uniforms. I wouldn’t hate it if they even went back to the color rush style uniforms of the Bill Parcells era. Either way the Giants have some of the best threads in the NFL.

14 Chicago Bears
You can’t hate on the classic Chicago Bears look. The navy-and-white combo works well but I would like for them to experience a little more with some navy-on-navy or white-on-white here and there.

15 Carolina Panthers
The color scheme is amazing, the logo is incredible, the uniforms need revamping. In the post Cam Newton era I would love to see the Panthers go in a different direction with the design of their uniforms. They have the potential to be a top uniform, I love the all-black and the blue tops, but we need a new design.

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16 Washington Redskins
The color scheme is unique and works very well. The variations of pants and jerseys is also something not many other teams in the NFL can do. However, fuck that team name. If you want to find a way to honor native americans with your name I appreciate that. But “Redskins” ain’t cutting it. I can get on board with the Braves, Seminoles, or even the Chiefs but when you have offended a large number of people with something as meaningless as a team name, it’s time to change it.

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17 Buffalo Bills
The Bills are another team that offer a great combination of uniforms. From the all-red color rush to blue-on-blue or mixing it up, Buffalo can give you a clean look every week. They are also one of the few white helmets I like in the NFL.

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18 Jacksonville Jaguars
Thank God they got rid of those gradient helmets. Those helmets were terrible! Now they have a clean black helmet, I would love to see them go matte black, with some nice uniform combinations. The teal jerseys and pants even work and that’s a tough color to make look tough.

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19 Green Bay Packers
They’re simple, they’re classic, I get it. But I don’t like them. I know they can’t change them, and I don’t think they should, but those uniforms are hard to look at. I’m sorry Green Bay fans. Great franchise. Bad uniforms.

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20 Houston Texans
The Texans have a badass logo! Maybe the best one in football. But the uniforms are still pretty boring and need a change. The Matt Schuab era is over. Let’s change those uniforms up a bet.

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21 Cincinnati Bengals
The helmets are amazing. I love the tiger stripes and the color scheme but the jerseys are meh. It could be as simple as getting rid of the stripe up the rib cage and it would be a clean look. Maybe run a little more black-on-black and the Bengals are closer to the top of my power rankings.

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22 Denver Broncos
I remember when the Broncos changed their uniforms to their current look and at the time they were cool. Something that not a lot of teams were doing and introduced a pretty cool logo. That was in 1997. It’s time to change it up, John. The navy-and-orange is a good look and the logo can stay the same but the uniforms are not traditional and shouldn’t stay around forever. If you want a traditional uniform the need to go back to the 1996 uniforms.

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23 Miami Dolphins
The throwback uniforms the Dolphins have are spectacular. The teal with white-and-orange stripes on a classic look and should be used every Sunday with a white away uniform to match the throwback style. But for some reason they haven’t done that yet and until they do they will remain low on my list.

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24 Minnesota Vikings
The Vikes have some really cool helmets but I have to be honest, I don’t like the color scheme. I don’t like the white jerseys and purple pants. The purple jerseys and white pants are ok. The all-purple is good. But that’s it.

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25 New England Patriots
A lot of people like the Pats uniforms. I do not. The throwbacks are cool, the color scheme works for the mascot, but they still aren’t good. I would like to see them offer some new uniforms now that Brady is gone but they are stuck with their new look for awhile now.

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26 New York Jets
Meh. I’m not crazy about them. I actually liked the old uniforms better. If I were the Jets I would use more white-on-white and green-on-green. Obviously the black uniforms are nice. But the others are not good enough to give them the bump.

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27 Kansas City Chiefs
As a Chiefs fan I am not in denial about how bad the uniforms are. I understand they want to keep their traditional uniforms, but why? The Chiefs, honestly, are not a traditional power in the NFL so why keep the same uniforms forever? I would like to see a helmet stripe or some yellow pants. Hell, just try something new.

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28 Indianapolis Colts
They have had the same uniforms for forever. Literally. And I get that they like their traditional uniforms, but I don’t. Bring back the blue face mask and use an all-blue sock and I think the colts have a nice uniform. Maybe not good, but at least a clean, traditional look.

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29 Detroit Lions
The only thing saving the Lions from being on the bottom of this list are the Thanksgiving Day throwbacks. The all-silver helmet, boring as shit blue jersey and silver pants are classic. The rest of their uniforms suck. And the all-gray? Who thought that was a good idea with a silver helmet? Good color scheme. Can’t wait for them to try again.

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30 Atlanta Falcons
The Falcons had a layup in the open court and bounced it off the backboard. The 80’s Deion Sanders uniforms were the clear and obvious answer for their new suits but they completely messed it up. I thought everyone learned from the Jaguars that you can’t do this two-toned nonsense on a uniform? I guess not. Go back to the Deion uniforms, give us that stye with a red jersey and the Falcons have a top 10 uniform.

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31 Arizona Cardinals
Boring! Maybe add a stripe to the helmet? Get rid of the red on the away uniforms? Do something though because these are terrible. Larry Fitzpatrick and Patrick Peterson deserve a better uniform. Even a simple Nebraska style uniform would work for the Cardinals. But what they have now is not.

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32 Los Angeles Rams
Absolute garbage uniforms! We tried to tell them the logo was trash when it got “leaked” online. They didn’t listen. And then they made it worse with these terrible uniforms. They should have gone back to the late 90’s Isaac Bruce style uniform and just called it good. Or even the Navy-and-white Deacon Jones uniforms. These are possibly my least favorite NFL uniform ever.

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