Building The Perfect Quarterback

Building the perfect quarterback with starters in the NFL today.

Being a quarterback in the NFL is not an easy job. Very large, strong and fast men are being paid millions to hit and stop you. In that short period of time between the snap and being leveled by defenders a quarterback must read the defense, know where his receivers are and then make an accurate throw down the field. At times he may have to escape the pocket to throw on the run or take off with it. The players below are what would make up the perfect quarterback.

Head: Tom Brady

He makes the right throws and knows which receiver will be open before the play starts after scanning the defense. He is smart with his decision making as well and gets the ball out of his hands quickly. Being a starting quarterback in the NFL for this long, Tom Brady has seen it all and is the easy decision.

Arm: Patrick Mahomes

There are so many examples as to why Patrick Mahomes has the best arm in the NFL. His numerous arm angles when throwing, the ability to throw with his feet offset, the strength to zip it into tight windows, and the touch to drop it in a breadbasket. It’s all so beautiful and effortless for him. Patrick Mahomes has one of the best arms we have ever seen in the NFL and he will dominate the league for a very very long time. 

Accuracy: Drew Brees

I have personally watched this man hit a bullseye from 20 yards away 10 times in a row. Direct hits. That translates onto the field as well as he stands tall in the pocket and delivers dimes everywhere on the field. Drew has built that reputation and has carried it into every year of his career thus far. Nobody else deserves to be in this spot more.

Size: Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz is huge. Standing in at 6’5 and weighing over 230 lbs. He will stand in the pocket and scan the field not caring about taking a hit. He has taken plenty and still stood tall to make the throw. He does it time and time again and will continue to do so in Philadelphia. Josh Allen was a close choice, but Wentz is taller.

Legs: Lamar Jackson

The man is so fast, quick and agile. It’s not fair for defenses that have to face him. He is making men at the top of their profession look slow and taking their ankles with him as he continues down the field. His consistent playmaking ability with his legs is why teams fear him and respect him. Lamar Jackson is the only choice here. 

Pocket Presence: Deshaun Watson

We have seen it so many times. It looks like he is about to get sacked or the pocket is going to collapse on top of him. Yet he takes the shot and still finds a way out of the mess and deliver the pass. Usually in a positive manner for a clutch first down or the game-winning pass for six. Deshaun Watson is improving every season and once he has an offensive line, he will be nearly impossible to stop. 

Clutch: Ben Roethlisberger

This was the hardest decision to chose in this article. I even went to Twitter to ask who people would pick. Nobody was really that high on Big Ben, but he deserves this title. He has had 42 game-winning drives and 31 4th quarter comebacks. He has done it in the playoffs and even on the world’s biggest stage. The Super Bowl. Big Ben has been so consistent and clutch, we just expect it and overlook it. 

Leadership: Russell Wilson

Some will call it cheesy and annoying, but Russell Wilson has come full circle with his teammates and coaches in Seattle. Wilson leads by example on and off the field, look at his wife. You know he is doing something right to land that gorgeous lady. He is always in the discussion for NFL MVP and doing his part to ensure his team wins. Russell Wilson is the face of the Seahawks and deservedly so because if you took him off the team I don’t know how competitive they would be with the rest of the NFL.

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