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Top 10 Tuesday – Hangover foods

Feeling a little rough from the night before? Want a quick fix and a bite to eat? The boys have you covered with their #Top10Tuesday Hangover Foods.

We’ve all been there before and we’ll all be there again. Hangovers feel like literal death but the boys are always here to help with their #Top10Tuesday Hangover Foods.

1McDonald’s No. 9McDonald’s FriesMcDonald’s Fries
2Chick-Fil-A NuggsBreakfast potatoesBiscuits and Gravy
3Skillet HashBiscuits and gravy Toast
4Biscuits and GravyWafflesBacon
5Huevos RancherosToastScrambled Eggs
6Casey’s pizzaBaconHashbrowns
7Scrambled eggs & baconBananaIbuprofen 
8Tomato soup/Grilled cheeseScrambled eggsMcDonald’s Nuggets
9Banana smoothieBagelsWaffles
10Egg White omeletDonutsNap

Matt: This is the one topic I may have the most experience with. There’s nothing better than McDonald’s fries and a Sprite to kill the night before, but go ahead and get those two cheeseburgers with it. You need protein! Science says grease isn’t good for the belly when already upset, but don’t get in the way of me and some comfort food when I’m hungover. Chick-Fil-A nuggets are the right mix of greasy breading and protein. Also, foods like eggs, bananas and strawberries have the vitamins you need to feel more energetic and get outside again.

Mello: Carbs. It’s all about absorption and nothing does that better than McDonald’s fries. The bad thing is that I’m not sure McDonald’s sells fries early – so you better sleep in. If you are up early or have a busy day ahead of you, get some hashbrowns or some other form of breakfast potatoes in your belly. You’ll thank me later. If you’re the kind of crazy person that doesn’t eat potatoes, go heavy on breads. Biscuits, waffles, toast, bagels or donuts. Trust me, I have experience with this.

Austin: Since hanging out with Matt and Mello I have been forced to find a hangover cure routine. I think I have figured out exactly what I need to get myself back to being a productive member of society the next day. It all starts with waking up and drinking as much water as I can handle, along with two ibuprofen. Then I get myself out of bed and head to McDonald’s to get their fries. If you get there even two minutes early they will make you wait for the ‘‘lunch’ menu to open. That is usually my Friday/Sunday morning routine. The rest of my list is food That I NEED to have in order if I go out to eat the next morning with them. I will ask the waitress for more Ibuprofen too, I ain’t scared. Then to top it off, a nap, or I will be a zombie for an entire day and accomplish nothing. 

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