Top 10 Players to take the last shot

Look. If you had one shot. Or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted.
In one moment. Would you capture it. Or just let it slip? These are our top 10 players to capture the moment.

1Michael JordanMichael JordanMichael Jordan
2Reggie MillerKevin DurantKobe Bryant
3Kobe BryantKobe BryantSteph Curry
4Steph CurryReggie MillerLeBron James
5Larry BirdLeBron JamesReggie Miller
6Kevin DurantLarry BirdLarry Bird
7LeBron JamesKawhi LeonardRay Allen
8Dirk NowitzkiDirk NowitzkiDamian Lillard
9Steve NashRay AllenMagic Johnson
10Chauncey BillupsAllen IversonDirk Nowitzki

Kobe and Lebron have the top two spots in all-time buzzer beaters, but there is no way I’m picking anyone other than the most clutch, most talented and best NBA players of all-time to be No. 1. Also, Reggie Miller is criminally underrated and Larry Bird would have dominated in an NBA that valued three-point shooting more (games averaged under three 3PA per throughout much of Bird’s career). You have to respect the smooth shooting of Steph Curry and his ridiculous range, but this is about clutch-time shooting and there’s no one better EVER than MJ.

Jordan. Duh. But hear me out for second place. Kevin Durant is one of the most difficult players to guard of ALL-TIME (Kanye voice) because of his height (6’11”) and ball handling. If you put an undersized, scrappy guard on him, Durant is too big. Put a big forward on him and Durant is too quick. Durant also has one of the sickest strokes in the game and can work off screens and create his own buckets. Last second shots are not about who’s a great scorer (LeBron) or shooter (Curry). It’s about guys that can create their own shots and make contested shots when it matters most. Mamba Mentality.

Each one of the guys on his list has that clutch gene—the ability to block out any distraction or noise to focus on one of the hardest things to do as an athlete: hit a game-winning shot. You have to start with the five guys who have endless highlights of game-winning shots at every level of the season and even into the finals. The rest of my list may differ from the rest but when Damian Lillard is called upon you know it’s dame time and he’s sinking it from deep. Magic’s hook shot is one we all have all tried over and over and honestly never got close to sinking it the way he did. Then to end the list with Dirk. The German native has the best fade away we have ever seen in the NBA and it feels like it was a guaranteed bucket when the ball was in his hands to end the game.