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The best of the best! Three features you need to be taking advantage of in NCAA 14!

NCAA 14 is not only a hobby of mine, it’s a passion. If you’re reading this you are probably just like me and have been playing the same video game for six years now and still love every second of it. While the game play is becoming more and more outdated with every passing year, there is one thing that cannot be replaced. Dynasty mode. If you’ve taken a coach from the bottom of the Sun Belt to the top of the SEC you know what I’m talking about. Here are my favorite things to do in NCAA 14.

First things first. Many of you are probably still playing the un updated rosters with Jameis Winston out there running around as FSU QB #5. Stop. What are you doing? There is an entire community devoted to updating the rosters every year! While this process does take awhile, by mid October the good people at Operation Sports will have a damn near complete roster update. If I fire up my PS3 right now I can lead junior Sam Ehlinger and the Texas Longhorns to a BCS National Championship. Here are the steps you need to update your rosters today.

1. Go to google. Type “operation sports NCAA 14 rosters 2020”
2. Click the top link. This will lead you to a NCAA 14 forum of nerds just like you and me!
4. Find the bold print “Current PS3 File: _
5. This is where you will find the most current rosters for NCAA 14. Write it down, remember it. Whatever you have to do.
6. From your PS3 you will go to Team Management – Roster Share (bottom right corner) – Download Roster.
7. Select “Download roster” and enter the Online ID from line five of this list. Save new roster.

After you have taken the time to update your rosters you will probably want to up into a dynasty mode or play the game. Not me. I live for the create-a-playbook options. There are seriously endless options on what you want. You can build an Air Raid playbook based off the Texas Tech model. Bring back the Tommie Frazier I Form triple option. Hell, combine both and really mess with the defense. Like I said the options are endless. I strongly recommend the Oregon playbook and modifying it to your liking. I run shotgun – split back – triple option right/left almost exclusively. Like for real. Run it ‘til they stop it. But take the time and build yourself a playbook. You can customize your audibles, rearrange your playsheet, and add a variety of different formations. I know my playbook so well now I can make play calls at the line and really fuck up someones Saturday. The main point – create your own playbook. Learn your playbook. Take over the world.

The coaching carousel has become a popular feature in the game this spring with everyone streaming their dynasty mode and it is one of the game’s best features. You can start your dynasty as a defensive coordinator in South Alabama and work your way to taking over for an aging Nick Saban. An important thing to keep in mind is where your coach went to school. If your coach is an Alabama alum, Alabama is more likely to hire him. So, if you have your eye set on taking over the LSU Tigers, you better set the alma mater to LSU. Or maybe you don’t want to abandon your two-star program for the lights and trophies of a blue blood program. Maybe you want to create your own dynasty with Army or Navy. No problem. You don’t even have to worry about being an independent. NCAA 14 lets you move to any conference you want at the end of every offseason. Taking a program like Army and building them into an ACC powerhouse is still one of the best things I’ve done in NCAA 14.

Leave a comment and let me know what you enjoy most about the game or maybe something I missed or should try.

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  1. Love it Mello. Keep up the great work really loved how your writing has progressed. I’m thinking I’m going to start my dynasty with Nebraska running the wildcat with Luke McCaffrey and Wandale Robinson. Huge wildcat guy!

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