Top 10 College Football Coaching Jobs

Every coach has their dream job, but where would we go if every job in the country opened up? Find out here!

Top 10 College Football Jobs (Assuming all of them are available)

1AlabamaOhio StateNotre Dame
3USCTexasOhio State
4Ohio StateClemsonAlabama
10Notre DameVirginia TechMiami 

Matt: You might be surprised to see Clemson so low, but I believe the Tigers’ success is more about Dabo Swinney and less about the program. The opposite could be said for schools like Michigan who still have a ton of national recognition but are in coaching purgatory. The top is the top—Alabama has it all from recruiting base, facilities and national recognition. Texas has its own television network, new facilities and unlimited money to spend. Also, super important is that most of these schools are in warm weather climates. Only Ohio State (national power), Michigan and Notre Dame (historical power) are in cold climates.

Mello: Ohio State has had continued success with multiple coaches – Tressel, Meyer and now Day, which leads me to believe the program may be bigger than the coaches. Alabama and Clemson cannot say that and that is what puts Ohio State in the top spot. In fact Clemson and Alabama come in pretty low on my list and that’s strictly because of location. I would much rather take my talents to Southern California or Austin, Texas.

Austin: Notre Dame is a prestigious program that will always be held in the highest regard. “Play Like a Champion Today” is a sign I hope to touch one day in my life. Now Imagine leading the fighting Irish out after touching it. Whew. The University of Texas is the ultimate dream job. Throwing up the horns with the state of Texas in a city I share a name with has me speechless thinking about it. LSU is the pride and joy of Louisiana outside of the New Orleans Saints and knowing you have the support of the entire state would be incredible. Then with Miami at the bottom of the list, why wouldn’t you want to bring back the powerhouse of what Miami once was in the 2000s?

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