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I don't know about you but I have been bored as hell lately. Until I found the series Yellowstone.

“Okay, I’m bored in the house, and I’m in the house bored.” – Curtis Roach

Minor Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t seen some of these shows you deserve to be spoiled anyway. 

I ripped through Tiger King, Ozark is criminally inaccurate, and I haven’t peaked at Peaky Blinders. Yet. But I’m hard as a rock over Yellowstone

Carole Baskins, killed her husband. Whacked him. And I don’t give a fuck! Tiger King isn’t even near the top of what Netflix has to offer. Abducted in Plain Sight, Fyre Fest, Evil Genius and Making a Murderer were 100 times better than the crazy crackhead Joe Exotic. Again, to reference the opening line, we’re all just really bored in the house and needed something to get exotic, I mean excited, about. It was okay at best. 

This blog is being written in the heart of the Ozarks. Okay, not really, but it’s pretty damn close. I loved season one of Ozark but I haven’t felt as strongly about the Byrd’s since they anchored down in the Lake of the Ozarks. I struggle because I’ve been to the Lake of the Ozarks and while the people are idiots, they’re not like what you see in the series. One thing is true though—in the Ozarks you have one of two things: meth or money. There isn’t much in between. 

Yo! I am gushing over Yellowstone. It has become my new faithful. I’m two days and two seasons in and I can’t stop howling about this show! On the real, the absolutely ridiculous storylines had me researching ranches in Montana and changing my plans for future travel. When I can have fun out of the house, and get out of the house and have fun, I’m going to Big Sky country. 

The story follows a Montana ranch (The Yellowstone) run by the Dutton family and their controlling father (Kevin Costner) as he works the land and tries to leave his children something to leave their children. The prime real estate becomes a hotbed for drama and contention as multiple people start eyeing the land and all its potential. 

I don’t want to ruin the storyline and I’m not being paid to promote the show, but give it a try and I guarantee you’ll be roped in by all that Yellowstone has to offer. 

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