Top 10 College Football Towns

Everyone is tearing apart the Top 10 College Football Town list. Why not give ours a look?

A lot of people have been putting out some ridiculous lists of top college football towns. Here at Mic’d Up we thought we would get in on the fun.

Madison, WI (Wisconsin)Madison, WI (Wisconsin)Baton Rouge, LA (LSU)
Baton Rouge, LA (LSU)Baton Rouge, LA (LSU)Madison, WI (Wisconsin)
Austin, TX (Texas)Athens, GA (Georgia)Lincoln, NE (Nebraska)
Tempe, AZ (Arizona State)Lincoln, NE (Nebraska)Oxford, MS (Ole Miss)
Columbus, OH (Ohio State)College Station, TX (Texas A&M)Austin, TX (Texas)
Lincoln, NE (Nebraska)Oxford, MS (Ole Miss)Ann Arbor (Michigan)
Athens, GA (Georgia)Knoxville, TN (Tennessee)Athens, GA (Georgia)
Morgantown, WV (West Virginia)Morgantown, WV (West Virginia)Gainsville, FL (Florida)
Manhattan, KS (Kansas State)Austin, TX (Texas)Columbus, OH (Ohio State)
Pittsburg, KS (Pitt State)Columbus, OH (Ohio State)Knoxville, TN (Tennessee)

Matt: Saturdays in the fall are meant to be spent in the sunshine with cool weather, a cold beer and good food. That’s Madison, Wisconsin. The landscape is beautiful. The football is good. The food is maybe better. And if you like tall blondes both the beer and the scenery is good. The others are pretty standard: Baton Rouge with Mike the Tiger and contestants from The Bachelor. Freezing your ass off in Columbus is a right of passage. Tempe and Mill Street are hot. And how about a sleeper: Pittsburg, Kansas; home of Pitt State where the college is the town. 

Mello: You literally can’t start this list anywhere other than Madison, Wisconsin. It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been and they love their college football. Madison is packed with good bars, beers and football fans. The SEC loves football and it shows (LSU, Georgia, A&M, Ole Miss and Tennessee) but Lincoln, Nebraska is home to some of the nicest football fans I’ve ever encountered. Going to get breakfast and chatting with a 90 year old grandma about the coaching staff doesn’t happen in many places other than Lincoln. Columbus and Austin are at the bottom of my list. One could even question if they’re towns. Regardless, they’re out growing their teams and becoming major metropolitan areas. 

Austin: What makes college football so amazing is the rich history that is embedded in the University, football program, and the city they call home. The towns above are filled with that history and continue on their traditions with pride. Baton Rouge is the epitome of a college football town. Everyone’s attention goes to the Tigers when they are playing. It’s like small towns in Texas for high school football. The stories that you hear come out of Madison, WI, and Oxford, MS makes life sound perfect and places I NEED to experience first hand. With Columbus, OH, the city gives off a ‘we know we’re better than you’ vibe and it fits. The Ohio State Buckeyes are expected to take care of business in the Shoe and that they do. 

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  1. You guys need to make it out here to Autzen Stadium in beautiful Eugene Oregon!!! I think it would definitely make your lists if you experience a game day here!

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