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Josh Abbott Band – The Luckiest

Build a fire on the deck. Open a beer. And turn this on.

Times are tough for most Americans right now—actually for most of the world. We’re all looking for uplifting moments whether it’s from the news, TV shows (thank you, Tiger King) or music.

Red Dirt musicians The Josh Abbott Band released a new single (5.22) that reminds all of us that we’re pretty damn lucky. It doesn’t hurt that lead singer Josh Abbott is a huge college football fan and die-hard Texas Tech Red Raider.

If you’re into Red Dirt music, this is must-listen. And if you’re not, this is a mellow introduction to some of the best country music around in Josh’s love-letter to his wife while also pointing out some other great things we can all be thankful for.

“I’m lucky that I come from where I come from
And I’m lucky I got friends who got my back
I’m lucky God made Friday nights and cold beer
And that I’ve had all the good times that I’ve had
And I’m lucky King George still makes country records
And I’m lucky for the miles on my boots
I can’t believe the life that I’ve been given
Yeah, I’m lucky, I know it’s true
But I feel the luckiest to be loved by you”

Here’s to cold beers, Friday nights, kickass friends and of course George Strait.

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