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The Chiefs secret weapon? Clyde Edwards-Helaire

The Chiefs offense was already explosive. Does Clyde Edwards-Helaire take them to the next level?

After several months of waiting and trying to guess what general manager Brett Veach and the Kansas City Chiefs would do with the No. 32 overall pick in the NFL draft, the answer is here. 

After winning a Super Bowl for the first time in 50 years, they selected running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire out of LSU, who also just won the College Football National Championship. This pick surprised many as others were hoping to get a defensive player, either a linebacker or a secondary player. Instead, the Chiefs added to their array of offensive weapons with a running back that has all the tools to be great. 

A long, winding road to success for LSU RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire

CEH (Clyde Edwards-Helaire) is an elusive running back that has break-away speed and exceptional vision. He knows when to be patient and allow the play to develop. Once he sees the opening he explodes through it. He is light on his feet and can make defenders miss in an instant. His ability to keep plays alive, whether it’s behind the line of scrimmage, fighting for more yards down the field, or finding his way through defenders into the endzone is what everyone raves about when discussing CEH. 

He will also be a weapon in the passing game for Patrick Mahomes. His ability to catch the ball out of the backfield and down the field is another reason why they selected him. 

Patrick Mahomes hand-picked CEH the night of the draft, which has to be a great feeling for him personally, knowing the All-Pro, NFL MVP, and Super Bowl MVP quarterback wanted you on his team. It is very understandable why he wanted him too, his production at LSU was a huge reason for that offense being so successful last season. 

His ability to catch the ball downfield and make things happen after the catch is impressive and he did it all year long.
I imagine we will see him run this play with the Chiefs next year. Andy Reid is licking his chops at setting this play up early in the drive to eventually score on it later.
CEH hits the opening and explodes through it. He then has the ability to plant his foot and cut inside leaving the defender in the dust. Similar to what we saw with rookie Kareem Hunt against the Eagles.

His goal-line presence is another huge part of his game that Chiefs Kingdom will love. The Chiefs struggled with running the ball in goal-line situations last year, so CEH will be a big help this next season in the red zone. Where everything is cramped and tight on space for the offense, CEH creates openings and scores off of them. Here are some examples of that previous statement.

CEH is exceptional at the goal line. He is able to remain patient to find the hole. Once he sees it, he uses his lateral quickness to get there and score.
Heres another example. He’s so light and quick on his feet that the defenders don’t stand a chance

This rushing touchdown might remind Chiefs Kingdom of another fan-favorite running back the Chiefs had once upon a time. 

CEH isn’t afraid to leave his feet at the goal line either

(I know you smiled) 

There were fans who did not want to draft a running back in Round 1 or really at all with the late-season performance from Damien Williams. His Super Bowl heroics had people discussing him as the MVP over Mahomes. Williams rushed for 498 yards last season on 111 attempts with 4.49 yards per carry and five touchdowns. He was a factor in the passing game as well with 30 receptions for 213 yards and two touchdowns. Williams’ best attribute to this offense is his ability to fight through tackles for extra yardage and his yards after the catch. Whether it’s a screen or wheel route, Williams will make something happen. 

LeSean McCoy was another running back that gave production to the Chiefs offense last season with 101 rushing attempts, 465 yards for 4.6 yds per attempt with four touchdowns. His receiving totals are 28 receptions, 181 yards for 6.5 yards per reception, and 1 receiving touchdown. 

Kansas City is wanting one guy to create the production that Williams and McCoy had last year. And they now have that with CEH. 

2020 NFL Draft: Clyde Edwards-Helaire projects as a good player ...

That is his role in this offense, coming into the year splitting time with Williams and eventually taking over the starting role by the end of the season—similar to what the Philadelphia Eagles did with Miles Sanders and Jordan Howard last season. 

CEH had a stellar final season at LSU with 215 rushing attempts for 1,414 yards and 6.6 yards per attempt with 16 touchdowns with an additional 55 receptions for 453 yards and 8.2 yards per reception with one touchdown. That production alone is better than what Williams and McCoy did combined. 

If CEH is able to create that type of production in year one for this offense, then the rest of the NFL knows they are in trouble, because they know there won’t be a direct way of stopping this offense. Not that they had a chance anyway, but now, it WILL be impossible. 

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