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light beers, big mountains and losing weight

After dropping 30 lbs, our own Matt wanted a good tasting beer to enjoy on hot summer nights. He found one in the least likely place.

LAST SUMMER I found myself single at 35 years old (awesome, right?) but unfortunately also 35 pounds overweight. It wasn’t a good look. I felt off—too heavy, clothes bursting at the seams and my fat ass sweating through the humidity of Missouri while trying to enjoy that first taste of freedom with friends.

The fix was actually easy—intermittent fasting and a mindful approach to what I was putting into my body. The first 30 pounds fell off faster than I could have imagined thanks to the 16:8 ratio of fasting to eating and some light exercise like hiking.

The struggle for me, as I’m sure is for most, was keeping the weight off once the busy season of football got here. I went on a trip to Las Vegas to cover the opening weekend of college football and weighed in exactly 30 pounds lighter than I was when the summer began. That week I did my first solo hike to the top of Cathedral Rock and felt like a fucking superhero.

To celebrate the hike I wanted a beer, but I was afraid of putting a 200 calorie beer loaded with carbs into my system. (Spoiler alert: I did it anyway. Self-discipline is a work in progress) 

To bury the lede in epic fashion, what I needed that hot August day outside Las Vegas was a light beer that tasted good. Almost nine months later I discovered the Blue Moon Light Sky Citrus Wheat on accident and my skinny-fat self has never been happier.

Most light beers suck. Let’s be honest. We drink them because they are: 1) cheap; 2) low calorie/carb; and 3) usually good in the heat. But even as someone who actually loves the taste of beer, I’m here to admit that light beer tastes like earwax. And yes I can speak from experience.

The Light Sky does not. It tastes similar to the fully leaded Blue Moon but much lighter without the overpowering orange taste. It’s also not a load to swallow and you don’t feel bloated after a long session of sitting by the firepit tossing back brews. 

At 95 calories and 3.6 carbs, it’s as light as a Michelob Ultra but kicks its ass in terms of taste profile. Billed as “brewed with tangerine peels”, there is a citrus taste but it’s again not the first thing hitting your tongue. The citrus flavor goes down easily and is, for me, only slightly noticeable. 

So if you find yourself scaling Cathedral Rock, trying to drop weight or just looking for a new light beer option for the summer, the Blue Moon Light Sky gets a heavy 9 out of 10 star recommendation from me.

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